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Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano

Truth be told, it doesn’t get any closer to the “real thing” as far as digital pianos are concerned than what the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano brings to the table.

World renowned for its quality of build and incredible crystal clarity of sound – a sound that is almost exactly like the real thing – the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano is infinitely adaptable and incredibly usable. Professional and amateur musicians alike have been going wild for this digital keyboard, and it’s easy to see why.

With 88 keys (and a number of digital options), this might be the last digital piano that you ever need to purchase

One of the things that you are going to notice instantly about this brand-new digital piano is that it has more keys than almost any other option on the market today – all at a price point that will never force you to break the bank.

Comparable by many to the “gold standard” of digital pianos – the highest end Yamaha Digital Grand Pianos – the feedback that you’ll receive from all 88 keys are as close to a traditional piano as you’re going to find in the digital world. With weighted keys that are not “graded”, the difference in feedback is absolutely astounding when stacked up against almost all other digital keyboard options over there with the sole exception of the Yamaha mentioned above).

This is going to make transitioning from a traditional piano to a digital piano rather simple and straightforward, especially since you’re going to have access to 88 keys.

Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano review

Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano

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Beyond the actual tactile feel and responsiveness of the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano, reviewers everywhere are raving about the sound that this digital keyboard is able to produce

Because of some interesting engineering behind the scenes (so to speak), the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano is able to closely replicate the sound of a traditional piano. And while purists will argue that this until the end of their dying days, the truth of the matter is that almost everyone but the hard-core audiophile would have a challenging time trying to decipher the differences.

With crystal-clear clarity across the board, and the built-in speakers (which are not terribly large) are able to pump out reasonable sound – especially when you are going to be digitally producing your music later. Of course, you’re going to be able to enjoy much deeper and richer sound if you hook up the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano to external speakers and amplifiers – but make sure that you’re able to pick your jaw up off the ground once you hear the sound.

All in all, if you’ve been searching for the perfect digital keyboard (whether you’re a professional or amateur musician), the odds are fantastic that you found exactly that in the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano. When you compare this specific instrument to all others (of any price point) in this purchase at right around $300 becomes an absolute no-brainer kind of investment.

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